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IBM Releases Digital Experience Software

IBM’s Digital Experience software allows marketers to provide customers with relevant information and offers that are based on their preferences and can be published quickly to all digital channels and mobile devices. With the new Digital Experience software, IBM allows companies to deepen engagement, uncover customer sentiment, and build loyalty with their desired audiences. The advanced capabilities include the following: Mobile Experiences: Using the new software, marketers can quickly design a single mobile application that can then be viewed on multiple devices to ensure a consistent brand experience as customers move between screens. When combined with IBM’s customer experience technology, e-commerce and customer service professionals can quickly assess the quality of a visitor’s experience and then eliminate the pain points that might spur them to leave the site. Analytics and Optimization: Through digital analytics capabilities, marketing and customer service professionals can analyze customer activity on a specific channel, such as a mobile device or Web page. These unique views can gauge the behavior of customers across all digital channels at any time, identify patterns, and then adjust plans. Omnichannel Media Creation: Non-technical line-of-business employees can create compelling video content that can be viewed anywhere, including a business’ Web site, on smartphones and tablets, andsocial media sites like Facebook.

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