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40 Top Examples Of Letterpress Business Cards | Print Design | Creative Bloq

Creating such a distinct shape really makes these creative business cards one of our favourites. 12. Derek Welsh The sleek finish represents Derek’s work perfectly Glasgow Press achieved a monster 810gsm when creating these letterpress business cards by bonding 270gsm sheets of Ebony, Citrine and Bright White to achieve a stand out card for furniture maker Derek Welsh. Black letterpress to the Bright White side with the gloss black foil to the Ebony card really represent, making this a unique creation. The gloss foil finish really makes these creative business cards stand out 13. Whitney Shaw We love the colours used on this letterpress business card The colours really won us over with this letterpress business card. Encorporating a variety of fonts, as well as a playful illustration, this is a design that would surely be cherished by the receiver. The use of larger ‘W’s’ also allow for Whitney’s name to stick in the mind, whilst keeping the design aspects to a minimal affect.

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