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Business Cards From Moo | Klout Perks

They’re totally awesome, can’t wait to hand some out! 🙂 #moo #klout #businesscard #swerve #levelup 55 Cody Flom GOT MY BUISNESSSS CARDS !!! They are from and I got them free as a klout perk 🙂 #klout #kloutperk *moo *moocards *moodotcom #buisnesscards #makeup #makeupartist #mua #pink #cute #pretty 60 Melanie Ball Because I am so popular and such an opinion-driver, my Klout score is trending very high; and because I am a cheap floozy, I am telling you about it to get 50 business cards. Really, 50 business cards. Imagine what I would have done for some mango sorbet. 62 Alex Shannon @klout and @kloutperks hooked me up with free business cards so of course I put the Wild West Chooch on them. #thechooch’s styling by @mellovesry 66 Jackie Johnson Free Moo cards as a perk from Klout. Watermark on front but it’s cool for 50 free 🙂 #vscocam 59 Mary Trenda 50 amazing new contact cards from @klout .com courtesy of @moo print! Thank you for the perk @klout. Fantastic printing @moo #free #cards #klout #instagood #instadaily #igers #igaddict #toronto #nofilter #iphoneonly #perk #iphonography 54 Peter Madison I got a pack of MOO Business Cards because I’ve got Klout – thanks to @overheardatmoo!

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