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Avoiding The 5 Most Common Mistakes In Translating Marketing Materials

Solution: Translation and copywriting are skills, so finding people who have experience or talent in this area is important. Before deciding on a translator, ask him/her to translate an excerpt of the text to get a sense of his/her ability and style, even if you have to pay for the sample. Problem #3: Avoiding translation agencies Agencies may not get to know your institution as well as a single individual could, but they likely have access to many more qualified translators, as well as translation software that can really help with consistency. Plus, they are generally able to take on whatever projects you need, on your timeline. Solution: Select an agency with great quality assurance mechanisms that can cover any language pairings you need. Problem #4: Not providing enough information to the translator The biggest mishaps can come about by not giving the translator or agency a thorough briefing on the project. Good translators will ask what they need to know, but you can always provide extra information that might help the end result. Solution: Let the translator know where the document will be published, who will read it, what the goals for the text are as well as basic information like the regional variation (i.e.


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