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Visit Miss Nana’s YouTube page to see what NI-Marketing & Promotions did for Miss Nana! Soulja Boy Tell’Em International Superstar, Platinum selling artist & Grammy nominated rapper, Soulja Boy Tell’Em has sold over 2,000,000 digital copies for his record single debut in the United States, becoming his second song to reach the two million mark in downloads. DJ Kay Slay DJ Kay Slay rose to the top of his field by refereeing the biggest MC battles on his Streetsweeper mixtapes and on radio. Known as the Drama King, KaySlay is now an affiliated partner with NI-Marketing and our latest project, Time 2 Grind Mixtapes & Radio. Wendy Williams Media personality Wendy Williams became New York Times bestselling author with Wendy’s Got the Heat. Wendy now has her own daily, one-hour entertainment talk show. Copyright 2011 NI-Marketing & Promotions, a division of Newark Illustrated, LLC. Designed by The BR Lab


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